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Hobby: Low Defences On A Budget

 Hey all,
continuing my super cheap terrain defences theme, I built these low barricades. I imagined that these would be something that would have been built in an emergency by the PDF or the Imperial Guard, hence why they're wooden and not rockrete or plasteel or anything like that, quite fitting for the game we're having today as its a Tyranid invasion! Here's how I did them:

These are very very easy to make, they're simply chopped up lollipop sticks. One whole on for the base, then 3 stacked up, which the round edges chopped off, and 3 smaller support struts holding the whole thing together.

 The natural height for these is about chest high for a Space Marine, which is perfect for lower cover.

The real beauty of these is that firstly you don't have to be neat, at all. The more wonky they are, the more it looks like they were put up in a rush from anything available. It's also very very easy to battle damage these, simply snap the sticks! Looks great and adds variety!. Secondly they're very very quick to make, maybe 3-5 minutes each to glue together? Superglue is key on these, dries almost instantly on contact, very strong grip so should last a while. Then I added a little sand for basing. there is a little lip on each base so you could add the odd lasgun or bolter or grenade to some of them if you wish too!

Again as with my post yesterday (here), the lollipop sticks cost £1 for a bag of 50, if you make the full length barricades as shown in the pics above you can make about 10 of them, so they come out at 10p each for materials. These ones were made from some of the left over sticks from my anti-personnel/ barbed wire defences yesterday. 

Well that's it for now, as always if you have any comments whether they be good or bad, please feel free to leave them below!



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