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Blackmane vs Zebulon Painting Challenge: Challenge Paused

Hi all.

Just a quick update on the painting challenge. It was due to end tomorrow but in actual fact we've paused the challenge. Zebulon asked me earlier on this week if we could pause the challenge as due to longer than usual days at work for the last week or so he hasn't had time to even get started. So because of this I agreed to pausing the challenge until Zebulon has his free time back again as it seemsonly fair. 

Hopefully that won't be to long and we'll get a new end date set as soon as possible.

Thanks for bearing with us haha.

Recent posts

Blackmane vs Zebulon Painting Challenge!

Hi all.

Today marks the start of a new painitng challenge between myself (Blackmane) and Zebulon. As some of you may know from time to time we run a challenge where we pick a model (it might be one we both like, both want to try painting, both own, etc), set a time limit and get painting. The challenge this time is in a format we've only done once before in that we won't be painting the same model and we each picked the model the other will paint (link to the last one where we did an Empire General vs Wight King). 

The criteria were as follows:

An Age of Sigmar modelHad to have the HERO keywordUnder £20 in valueNo rule on model materialNo rule on specific factions/armies More after the jump.

Zebulon's Scenery Splurge: Ruined Medicum

Hey all,
I'm here again with another scenery splurge, this time not a scratch built building,  but a repurpose of some older kits I bought, with a few additions.

Zebulon's Scenery Splurge: Tower and Pipes

Hey all, 
I'm  back again with another scenery splurge,  but this time a more open piece.

Hunting for Ur-Gold: Completed Auric Runefather on Magmadroth

Hi all.

Today I bring pictures of my latest finished project my Auric Runefather on Magmadroth. Originally I bought this model (as part of the Start Collecting Fyreslayers box) to paint up and enter in to a painting contest my local GW store was holding. Sadly while I had the model finished on time events on the day stopped me getting it to the store to enter it meaning I'll never know how I would have done. I'd like to think I'd have done ok. Either way it was a really good model to paint up and I'm glad I did. No doubt this will lead to a small Fyreslayer contingent to ally with my Stormcast Eternals army haha. 

So on with some pictures of the finished model.

 More after the jump. 

Zebulon's Scenery Splurge: Fuel Tank

Hi all,
I'm back again with my next piece in the Scenery Splurge. At the same time as making the Filtration Unit on the previous post I cobble together a storage tank.....

Zebulon's Scenery Splurge: Filtration Unit

Hi all,

I'm back again with more terrain madness! This time with my scratchbuilt filtration unit, straight out of the underhive!

Zebulon's Scenery Splurge: Forgotten Industrial Shrine

Hi all,
I'm back again with my second scenery piece, this time it's a forgotten shrine.  I thought that as the Imperium is so large and the hive cities are so large there would be memorials that were built and have been totally forgotten about as areas have been abandoned or declined and taken over by the lower hive gangs. 
I thought this was a good opportunity to make something that would stand out a lot compared to the rest of the pieces, but also look more neglected than the rest

Zebulon's Scenery Splurge: Industrial Pumping Tower

Hi all,

I'm back again with my latest projects, this time focusing around scenery. I've had a really good fun of ideas for scenery lately and this is just the first post of my terrain efforts! First off a pumping tower/silo.......

Hunting for Ur-Gold: Auric Runefather on Magmadroth WIP

Hi all.

Today I bring a rather picture heavy post of the work I've done so far on my Auric Runefather on Magmadroth. 

The pictures are in no particular order. 

 More after the jump.